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Yellow is the colour of my true love's urine

in the morning, when we rise.



Situated 92.5 million miles away from the Earth, the Sun is the star at the centre of the universe.

Its energy has been harnessed by nature to create life as we know it. It has shaped the natural environment everywhere you look. We survive beacuse its warmth heats our atmosphere within a range that our bodies can exist. Where that temperature range is breached, either hotter or colder, mankind struggles to survive. But our sensitivity to the Sun does not end there.

We are reliant on plants and trees to provide our food - when they don't flourish we risk starvation. Where our diet is reliant on animal products, those animals have the same sensitivity as we do to vegetation. Our weather systems are also majorly influenced by the Sun.

Now we have the technological ability to harness the energy of the Sun for our own use - can we use it wisely?


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